In the Turn (Erica Tremblay, 2014)

A scene from Erica Tremblay's  In the Turn  {Photo: REELING}

A scene from Erica Tremblay's In the Turn {Photo: REELING}

In the Turn screens on Wednesday, September 23 at Chicago's Landmark Century Cinema. For additional ticketing information, click here

Erica Tremblay’s In the Turn suggests that it is a film about the turmoil of a young transgender girl named Crystal from rural Canada. From the social prejudices that exclude her from organized sports to her single mother’s financial struggles, this is a milieu ripe for dramatic investigation. Yet the film digresses, inflating itself into a gargantuan and ungainly study about the global support network of a queer roller derby collective. Tremblay’s sophomore feature profiles members of the “Vagine Regime”, a community of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender roller derby skaters in what barely amounts to a publicity spot for the organization. There’s something particularly dubious about positioning the film around the social disadvantages of a young girl’s bullying, only to emphasize the philanthropy of the organization she finds solace in. Not without some merit – several of the interviewees provide illuminating personal narratives on their social marginalization – In the Turn is one of those rare cases where a documentarian has plundered upon a fascinating subject and opted not to make it the focal point.