The New-New Wave: Contemporary Mexican Cinema

As critics’ circles announce their superlatives of the year, I’m perturbed by the lack of Mexican cinema cited. Not to dismiss the usual suspects in this category, as pictures like Blue is the Warmest Color and A Hijacking have had a strong and deserving presence on the circuit, but it’s a bit disheartening to see so few nods toward a country on the banks of a creative renaissance.

Unfortunately, I’m guilty of failing to highlight the numerous films coming out of this creative period. So before I lambast the critical community entirely, I reckon I should, ya know, talk about these films. Three major works from three varied Mexican auteurs have either screened in a festival capacity or are available for streaming on Netflix. So if the prospect of enduring below-freezing temperature sounds unappealing (and in Chicago, the blustery wind makes the strong case for seasonal hibernation), the opportunity to view some new and exciting cinema within the comfort of your living room ought to sound reasonable enough.

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