Previewing the 23rd Chicago Underground Film Festival

                         "Damn it, I came here to be in charge of this movie but look at it: it’s a bunch of junk”.                                                                  -       Tony Conrad, Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

That happens to be the prevailing attitude of a certain kind of moviegoer, the pedantic viewer who more or less blames a film for his/her malentendu and confusion.  And it’s not as if this audience hauteur is contained to your philistine summer audience types; if anything, it’s just as rampant among quote unquote cinephiles, festival goers, and critics.

Yet the fictile viewer will find much to admire at the 23rd Chicago Underground Film Festival, hosted at the Logan Theatre from June 1st-5th.  The festival’s growing local and global presence has attracted numerous titles, from the recondite to the emerging American filmmakers, developing a reputation for being one of the more carefully curated festivals in the city. This, compounded by the multitude of panels and events occurring throughout the five-day festival, positions the festival as a distinctly unique response to the programming you’re used to in Chicago.

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