Cinema Chatter #31 - Seven Months In

As I depart for a Parisian sojourn, I figured it was time to reflect on the year as it stands, at least cinema-wise. And it’s been an impressive year, with the upcoming fall slate sure to have a difficult time keeping up with what the past seven months have offered. While major Hollywood productions have been considerably better this year, most of these films played in limited release. Beyond a matter of record keeping, the following films should attract your attention. 

Of Note

Big Bad Wolves (Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado)


Like Denis, Hittman is fascinated by physicality and the male presence, where there’s awareness to what the image of the male anatomy says about men and what it contradicts.

Available for streaming on iTunes, Netflix Instant, and Google Play. The film is currently available on DVD.

Joe (David Gordon Green)