Femme Fatale (Brian De Palma, 2002)

Visually underwhelming and oddly structured, Femme Fatale still makes an earlier De Palma film like Body Double obsolete. De Palma’s sensibilities are at the forefront, wherein he utilizes everything that I’ve seen so far from his previous work into one piece of sustained hyper erotic and thrilling film. The narrative is a bit all over the place and largely incidental to the way in which the film is constructed.

In a lot of ways, the film is heavily dependent on its twist in order to justify some of its previous actions. Such reliance on a narrative device can sometimes ruin an experience for me, but with Femme Fatale, I felt that the twist reflected something that was necessary in expanding the moral integrity of its lead character, played by Rebecca Romijn. It’s big twist ending also serves to alter the significance of the entire film – extending its meaning beyond a revenge thriller, but into something about the impact of choices and their everlasting effects.